Let's Have a Little
Coffee Talk!

Still Roasting Poster

Stay Calm – We’re Still Roasting!

Can you still order coffee? The answer is a resounding YES. We are functioning, roasting and shipping coffee (for as long as UPS and FEDEX keep picking up), practicing social distancing, and staying safe in our little cocoon here at Lawson Hill.

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Local coffee company going carbon neutral

Republished with permission from the Telluride Daily Planet. By Suzanne Cheavens, Associate Editor Aug 25, 2019   The scheme for Telluride Coffee Roasters (formerly The Steaming Bean) to go net carbon neutral was hatched over — you guessed it — cups of coffee. Adam Chambers is a climate scientist who volunteers his skills with the

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Coffee Grinder

Get your Grind On!

Does grind matter? You bet it does…grind too coarse and your coffee will be underextracted, weak and insipid; grind too fine and it will over OVER extracted, bitter and tannic (like leaving your tea bag in the cup for too long!) How to get it right? Use a burr grinder this pulverizes the coffee into

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