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Celebrate our 30th Anniversary


30th Anniversary Sampler

– 6 x 12oz bags – $69

A range of flavors to satisfy all palates.

[Mountain Harvest, Blue Mesa, Avalanche, Black Canyon, Observatory Blend and Mesa Verde]

Dark and Stormy

– 3 x 24oz bags – $64

Our highly popular dark roasts.

[French Roast, Black Magic and Cimarron Blend]

Origin Sampler 

– 5 x 12 oz bags – $72

A fine selection of single origin coffees, not blends, that showcase the subtle nuances of each region – experience the Taste of Place!

[Guatemala La Perla, Peru Cajamarca, Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha, Mexico Oaxaca & Sumatra Royal Badger]

Wild and Wonderful Sampler

– 5 x 12oz bags – $79

For the taste adventurers – unusual and exotic flavors from the wonderful world of coffee – it’s a fruit, you know?!

[Sumatra Royal Badger, Kenya AA, Ethiopia Kolla Bolcha, Panama Natural Los Lajones & Aged Sumatra]

Decaf Sampler

– 6 x 12oz bags – $79

All Swiss Water Processed in Vancouver, BC.

Enjoy all the flavors and still sleep at night 🙂

[Decaf French, Decaf Dark Sumatra, Decaf Mountain Harvest, Decaf Avalanche, Decaf Honduras, Stormcloud (half-caff)]



30th Anniversary Sampler


Dark and Stormy


Origin Sampler


Decaf Sampler


Wild & Wonderful Sampler

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Whole Bean, Drip Grind, French Press, Fine/Pour-Over, Espresso, Turkish

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