Dark Roasts

For those who like the deep, smoky, licorice taste of dark roast coffees this selection won’t disappoint. French is the darkest…taken as far as we can without having the beans burst into flames…Black Magic/Italian is a step lighter but still dark enough to do the trick.

Dark roasts are created when the natural sugars in the beans caramelize to the point at which they darken as the beans lose weight and puff up like popcorn…that’s why a pound of French roast looks like it’s much bigger than a pound of medium roast!

Darker arabica roasts DO have less caffeine, it’s true, but it’s not a dramatic difference. Cheaper coffees containing Robusta beans, even when roasted dark, may end up with MORE caffeine – Robusta naturally contains twice the caffeine of Arabica but has a papery, flat, heavy flavor.

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