A Little About Our
Roastery and Telluride

Our small mountain town's original roasters

Telluride Coffee Roasters 28th Anniversary

A small, efficient team of coffee professionals in SouthWest Colorado

Founded by Mick Hill, a now 35 year green coffee veteran, Telluride Coffee Roasters began life as the Steaming Bean coffee house on Main Street back in 1992. Since then, we’ve developed into a full fledged sourcing and wholesale/retail coffee roasting operation.  The company now supplies coffeehouses, hotels and supermarkets with fresh roasted Steaming Bean branded coffee and wholesale supplies and caters to a growing online retail business. 

Although we’re in a remote area, that’s not a hurdle – the transit time (from 1 to 5 days, whether you’re in Colorado or Florida) allows the coffee to fully de-gas and arrive to the customer perfectly rested and ready for enjoyment.

We have enthusiastically announced that our much loved, best-selling Steaming Bean roasted coffee online offering will now be exclusively under the updated Telluride Coffee Roasters brand.

Get Telluride Coffee Roasters Coffee direct from our roastery to your door.

Fresh roasted daily

Meet your perfect coffee bean

Our Difference

With over 75 combined years experience in coffee procuring, importing, roasting and tasting, we ensure only the best quality green (raw) beans from all parts of the coffee globe. Taking into account the varietal in question, husbandry, processing, bean size and obviously final cup quality, we do our utmost to procure coffee from sustainable farms with a solid history of cultivation and social responsibility.

Roasted Fresh

All coffee is hand-roasted in-house on a 2016 Probat P25 (roasts roughly 40 lbs. per batch) and is based on the roastmaster’s sight and smell. We work with small batches which allows us to monitor the coffee closely and achieve the consistency so valued by our customers. Remember, coffee is a fruit and requires close attention to detail. Our aim is to ensure every coffee reaches its full potential in the hands of our roastmaster.

Uniquely Delicious

We favor a slow roasting style allowing the beans to reach their peak of flavor without rushing them to the finish line with too much heat but with just enough so they roast and don’t bake!. Maybe it’s the rarified air at almost 9,000 feet that gives us an unfair advantage!


You be the judge. Your taste of Telluride, Colorado is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Team

Nice to meet you! 🙂

Coffee Professionals

We are a dedicated band of coffee professionals with over decades combined experience in coffee growing, importing, classifying, roasting and tasting. We don’t want (or need) to make coffee more complicated. We do what we do because we want you to have the best quality beans roasted to perfection.

Welcome to Our Neighborhood

World-class experiences with humble roots

The passion we have for our coffee is equalled only by the passion we have for our little mountain town. Sitting at a cool 8,750 feet above sea level, our home town of Telluride is a former remote mining town surrounded by 12,000 foot peaks in Southwest Colorado. Now a world-class ski resort, it’s kept its unpretentious Old West charm and is keeps things lively with its many signature events, festivals, shows and more.

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What's Happening in Telluride?

Telluride Film Festival


KOTO radio station

Telluride AIDS Benefit

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Blues n Brews

Rubber Ducky Race

Town Park sports leagues

Galloping Goose

The Gondola

Jazz Festival

Telluride Brewing

Lip Sync Contest

Student Fashion Show

July 4th parade

Balloon Festival


Telluride Theater

Shakespeare in the Park

New Sheridan Hotel and Bar

Imogene Pass Run

Hardrock 100

Lunar Cup

Naked Bike Ride

Telluride Horror Show

Chocolate Lovers Fling

The Buck

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