Rest easy! Steaming Bean Coffee is proud to use an all natural, chemical free decaffeination method for all of our decaf coffees.

Caffeine is a neutral tasting, naturally occurring, compound in raw coffee. It acts as a natural pesticide to protect the coffee plant and we are all aware of its stimulating properties – it’s not a bad thing. Some people don’t want the buzz though but still love the taste of coffee – so we decaffeinate. It’s complicated and pricey.

There are various methods of decaffeinating coffee. Chemical solvents such as ethyl acetate and methylene chloride have been used for some time and do an excellent job of removing caffeine from green coffee. The use of compressed carbon dioxide, the so called CO2 process, is a more natural, chemical free option. Of all the options, we choose the Swiss Water Decaf process. It’s a natural process using no chemicals, instead employing critically charged water (high pressure and high temperature).  The plant is in Vancouver, BC  and you can read about the method and their history at

Roasting Coffee

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