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Many people preparing coffee using a regular old drip style brewer are loving our mixed roast blends (dark and light roasted beans together). A twist on our Mountain Harvest Blend, we first tried the “Avalanche” experimentally at the 2014 Bluegrass Festival here in Telluride and it was a winner! We take a medium roasted Brazil Cerrado and blend it 50/50 with our Black Magic. Lots of flavor, heavy body and a lingering aftertaste . Try it!

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33 reviews for Avalanche Blend

  1. MJ Peters

    My favorite Steaming Bean Coffee I’ve tried so far! I brew it in a French Press and find it to be just the right level of dark. No bitter after taste!

  2. J Anderson

    Had my first cup of Avalanche blend at the Lumiere Hotel in Telluride. We brought home a small bag and gave it the French Press treatment. I don’t care for the bitter aftertaste in coffee and this blend is perfectly smooth. Should have brought home a bigger bag! Check it out!

  3. J Anderson (verified owner)

    Recently ordered a 24 oz bag of the Avalanche blend and it is better than I remember! I posted a review back in August so this is a follow up. Such smoothness and flavor in a cup, the Avalanche blend might just be the perfect coffee! I will likely order more to keep the supply stocked as I ran out some months back. Avalanche blend gets a 6 star rating. Wishing the company much success in the years ahead.

  4. Barbara Eddy (verified owner)

    This is such a great blend! Very smooth!

  5. Teri Mares (verified owner)

    When I enjoy a cup (or 2 or 3) of this smooth, delicious blend, I close my eyes and reminisce about all my adventures in Telluride. It’s beauty is calling me…..

  6. Dan Woodward (verified owner)

    I have bought coffee from Steaming Bean off and on for 5 years . I recently tried this blend for my wife who says this is the best and smoothest am blend she has ever drank . Dark roast can sometimes bother her stomach but this blend is the best of both worlds. The customer service is also the best !
    Thanks Steaming Bean

  7. pmkinnaird (verified owner)

    Very good, smooth, no bitterness. Love the coffee, I want to try others from steaming bean but don’t want to leave this behind. Use in drip and works great

  8. Paul (verified owner)

    In Telluride for ski season and visited the bean. Came home with Avalanche Blend and have kept ordering it. We live in North Carolina and keep importing from colorado. It is very nice and smooth. Really appreciate the blend.

  9. Savanna Rose Bennett (verified owner)

    We bought this blend on recommendation from a barista in the store. It is perfect for our espresso maker. W love it in our lattes.

  10. Nancy (verified owner)

    I also first experienced Avalanche at the Luminere hotel in Telluride and have been ordering bag after bag ever since. Smooth and delicious !

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Nancy! That’s our choice for espresso too here at the roastery…low acid but full of flavor 🙂

  11. Ryan Buness (verified owner)

    Got a small bag as a gift this last Christmas then ordered the mid size bag and just recently ordered the 5lb…needless to say we have found a house favorite in the Avalanche!!

  12. dkw5855 (verified owner)

    I have been buying this for my wife for couple of years . She is a coffee “snob” and absolutely loves this blend . Don’t stop making this or my marriage may be in trouble.

    • Mick Hill

      We’ll do our best! Don’t want to be a marriage-wrecker:)

  13. Melissa D (verified owner)

    This is now my go-to coffee! Great bold flavor but so smooth. I can’t wait to visit, but for now, I’m glad I can order online!

  14. Lynn Rietema (verified owner)

    I first tasted this coffee while in Telluride for a wedding a year ago. I was amazed with the smooth yet bold flavor. There is no bitter after taste and I have fallen in love with Telluride Coffee Roasters Avalanch coffee. I have since purchased other flavors, as well. Black Magic is another favorite. My last order consisted of Brazil Carmo De Minas and I’m excited to taste it this weekend. I truly have never found a coffee as smooth yet bold as Telluride Coffee Roasters.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Lynn! Appreciate the kind words. Glad you enjoy it!
      Cheers – Mick

  15. Hector Moreno (verified owner)

    This is by far my favorite coffee! An excellent blend that has a great flavor profile without being too bold. I used to be subscribed to a coffee service but as soon as I tried Telluride Coffee Roasters, I cancelled it and will now go through the joy of trying every one of their coffees! I appreciate the personalized thank you notes too!

    • Mick Hill

      Thank you Hector! Glad you are enjoying the coffees 🙂

  16. ELLEN (verified owner)

    This roast is a perfect espresso blend for our home. My husband tends to react to coffees with too much acidity, and this is the most smooth and consistent blend we have found. The flavor is the right amount of bold, but at the same time lacks the often signature burn that you might get as a companion to that flavor. It is delicious.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Ellen. We like it too..both components are relatively low-grown coffees, Brazil and Sumatra, both low acid. We think it works well. Great for drip and French Press too

  17. Sue Soza (verified owner)

    Love this coffee. Smooth great way to start my day!!

  18. jamie urino (verified owner)

    We had this coffee in our room at the Lumiere in March. It is the MOST delicious coffee we have ever tasted. We’re hooked!!

  19. Diane Walters (verified owner)

    I love Telluride and one of the reasons is your coffee. Avalanche is my new favorite. it is dark and strong with a smooth aftertaste.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Diane! Glad you like it

  20. Colleen Welch (verified owner)

    I tried your coffee during a recent visit to Telluride and I loved its taste and seems to not be bitter. I use an AeroPress and I’m hoping the grind I got will be right.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Colleen…what you ordered should be just right! But, as with most things coffee, it’s pretty subjective 🙂

  21. Shelley

    Upon our arrival to our ski resort our concierge gifted us a bag of Telluride Coffee Roasters -Avalanche. Each morning we started our day with this smooth, aromatic coffee & a view of the majestic mountains. I wasn’t sure if it was just the view of the mountains that had my taste buds so happy. We’re back home from our vacation & my view is palm trees and our baby goats. The coffee beans we brought back with us taste just as amazing! We ordered an entire box! Until we’re back I’ll use my Telluride coffee mug filled with avalanche. It’s safe for me to tell ya this coffee is the goat!

    • Mick Hill

      That’s great Shelley! It’s fast becoming one of our best sellers
      Thanks for the kind words

  22. Alice Godec (verified owner)

    Love all the coffee we purchase from Telluride coffee roasters. Our favorite is Mountain Harvest but included Avalanche in our order this time. It is slightly stronger then Mountain Harvest but lighter then Black Magic, which we also like. Can’t go wrong with any of them.

  23. Shane Nehlsen (verified owner)

    I have only had this one particular blend of your coffee but let me tell you it is absolutely wonderful! The most exciting part is when I first open the bag and smell the amazing aroma. I have never smelled such a fresh and delicious scent as is with your coffee. The drink experience is smooth and flavorful. It is definitely a great start to the day, and it shows just how much love you put into your product. Thank you for creating and growing such a great experience!

    Your friends,
    Don Gardner Construction
    Waterloo, IA

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Shane! We have lots of others too!
      Mick Hill

  24. John Leber (verified owner)

    We also experienced it at the Lumiere Resort and fell in love instantly! We have a condo on Clearwater Beach that we rent and now leave a bag of Avalanche for newcomers and we reorder a 5# bag as often as we run out!

  25. CadyM

    Avalanche is a very smooth and delicious, complex blend that tastes great in my latte in the morning.

  26. Lisa (verified owner)

    We love Avalanche. It’s a medium bodied coffee with no bitter taste. Very smooth. We drink it when in town and order it when we are back home. Customer service is fantastic. I placed our last order on a Thursday afternoon and it was delivered the following Monday. Shipping is free if you order $60 worth. When in Telluride, go to their store and try the different flavors and pick up a bag of coffee or two!

  27. Libby (verified owner)

    This coffee is wonderful! I have tried some others and they are also good but love the smoothness and no aftertaste that Avalanche has. I have been buying it since we went on a ski trip 3 years ago, and the rental company had us some in our condo. Love the customer service and thank you for the new bag closure. Great company! If you try it you won’t go back to other coffee.

  28. RIchard Hunt (verified owner)

    The coffee is delicious, as usual. I like trying different blends, but this is one we always come back to.

  29. Debbie Bates (verified owner)

    We had our first cup of this delicious coffee on our trip to Telluride. Brought some home to Tennessee.
    Just ordered the 5 lb bag. Smooth delicious no bitter after taste. We love this coffee!

  30. Joshua Renkin (verified owner)

    We keep coming back to this one. Smooth, rich, robust without bitterness or being over the top. Consistently excellent. Super fresh, fast shipping.
    We drink as espresso, exclusively, Breville infuser, Breville smart grinder set at 16.

  31. Christopher Wall (verified owner)

    Love this one! Planning to try some different flavors to see which I like best. This one is very good and right in my wheelhouse. I’ll be buying more when the time is right.
    Hey Mick….just a quick hello…David Doody’s friend in Brooklyn…we met a few weeks back. Fantastic spot you’ve carved out there..and that latte you made was especially delicious. All best!

    • Mick Hill

      Cheers Chris! I appreciate that. Good to see you and thanks for the order
      All the best – Mick

  32. Abraham (verified owner)

    It’s my 2nd time ordering this blend and it is definitely my favorite! Smelling the beans before and after brewing is something I look forward to each morning. Thanks for a delicious brew!

  33. Melinda Kearney (verified owner)

    This is the *Goldilocks* of coffee: Lots of delicious flavor, no bitterness or overly strong, just right! And in addition to the great aroma and flavor of this coffee, we get great customer service as well. Thank you!

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