BODUM “Columbia” 34oz French Press

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Gorgeous Stainless Steel French Press. The BODUM “Columbia”  |   $59   |   34oz. (delivers 24oz of finished coffee) 

The stainless steel leaves no residue and cleans extremely easily after each brew. Built like a tank, you could take this camping, traveling, just about anywhere as it’s virtually indestructible!

With such a beautiful addition to your kitchen, making coffee every morning is a shining experience.

 $69 | 34oz.




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1 review for BODUM “Columbia” 34oz French Press

  1. Dan (verified owner)

    I’ve owned a lot of french presses in my adult life, and I’ve accidentally broken the glass carafe of a lot of french presses in my adult life, but not since I bought a Bodum Columbia. Not only does the double-wall construction keep the coffee hot after pressing (second cup bliss), but the metal build makes this, by far, the most durable press out there. I love it so much, I own two sizes, the 8-cup 34oz and the monster, sumo-sized 12-cup, which I use nearly every single day. So when it came time for my coffee-loving daughter to head off to University, it was time to buy her a French press and electric kettle of her own, an of course I bought her an 8-cup Bodum Columbia. The screen unscrews from the press shaft for easy cleaning (or replacement after literally years of service). The spout pours coffee with more effectiveness than any glass press I’ve ever owned, as well (yes, this is important for our freshly pressed coffee to get into the cup instead of down the front of the press). I can’t recommend this press enough, in fact I’ve recommended it to a dozen or more people over the years. Buy a good one and enjoy it. With all the glass versions I’ve owned and broken over the years, I feel it was wasteful to not have selected this press from day 1.

    Lastly, Mick at Telluride Coffee Roasters is a gem. His customer service is top notch, and I can’t say enough about his outstanding communication regarding my online order. Five stars all around. I’d give Mick six stars if I could. Well done.

    • Mick Hill

      Cheers Dan! Thansk fro the kind words – much appreciated. I know she’ll love this FP!
      All the best

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