Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee | TCR x TDC

Telluride Distilling Co. + Avalanche Blend for 29 days = chocolate punch with bourbon spice!


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Introducing our limited availability exclusive….the TCR x Telluride Distilling Co. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee….!

We have created something special to blow your brain out your ear-holes…
….with Telluride Distilling Co. we have placed our roasted beans in a charred bourbon barrel at the end of its life and let it marinate in those leftover aromas for 29 days…and out bursted this fun
Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee.

….a collaboration between friends…..a treat…..! 🙂

The process has created a rich and chocolate punch accompanied by a spicy bourbon finish.
“Expect notes of bourbon, vanilla, spices and oak infused in a medium bodied coffee with a dark edge.”

If you’d like to partake or gift next week for Thanksgiving turkey nappies, we are selling now on our site and in-Roastery until our limited supply is all gone.
(6oz Whole Bean, serves 12 cups, $12)

To whoever is daring / looking for a last minute gift….THE BOURBON BARREL AGED COFFEE IS HERE MUAHAHA.

….with love, from TCR and Telluride Distilling Co.


6oz Whole Bean Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Serves 12 cups


Shipping and selling in-Roastery until supply is all gone.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 2.8 × 4 × 8 in


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