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Balanced, medium roast blend of Organic Central American coffees – smoky, fruity and soft.

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27 reviews for Breakfast Brew

  1. Rosalie Gee (verified owner)

    Excellent coffee

  2. Rosalie Gee (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with this coffee

  3. Barbara Rousseau (verified owner)

    This is my favorite! This particular flavor–Breakfast Brew–is so popular (its light, smooth flavor), that our local grocer has a hard time keeping it in stock. With company coming, I decided to go on line & order a larger amount. It’s fantastic! And my understanding grocer actually let me grind it there!

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks for the kind words Barbara! Glad you like it. We can always ship you ground coffee too…just click on the drop down box on the wesbite and we are happy to grind for you

      Best regards
      Mick Hill

  4. Brittany

    I love this coffee… I say its what coffee dreams are made of! The delivery came quick and the 2lb bags are a fantastic deal. Love it so much started buying Steaming Bean for the office coffee, Highly recommend!

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks so much, glad you like it…really appreciate the business!! Cheers

  5. Christian

    Great balance, really smooth and mellow. Excellent roast to start the day with, but I’ve been enjoying it just as much if not more in the afternoon. Solid ‘anytime’ choice!

  6. djeanec (verified owner)

    My favorite – smooth, never ever bitter…there is nothing like it anywhere else – and when I share it with others, they are immediately hooked! When we get down to that last couple of bags – the idea that I might run out before it gets here is a NAIL BITER.
    Seriously, this is THE best coffee I have ever had and coffee is my one real vice…and this is so worth it.

  7. Elizabeth Smith (verified owner)

    I love this coffee ????

    • Mick Hill

      Thank you ELizabeth!

  8. Lys (verified owner)

    Had this for the first time when visiting Lyons and bought it from the local grocery store there. It’s the only coffee I remember loving the moment I took the first sip and I remember telling my mom it was the best coffee I’d ever had….and it still is!!

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Alyssa! you must have picked it up at St Vrain Mkt! Cheers

  9. Evelyn Hubble (verified owner)

    I found your wonderful coffee while on vacation. It is smooth, has no bitterness, and is the best coffee I have had in years. Lucky for me, your company ships quickly.

    • Mick Hill

      Thank you Evelyn! Glad you are enjoying the coffee..much appreciated!

  10. Suzanne Handrahan (verified owner)

    I bought this coffee as a gift for mother’s day. My mom loves the coffee. I love the coffee so I figured it would make a wonderful gift and I was right!

  11. Tina (verified owner)

    Love this coffee!

  12. benjakay (verified owner)

    I LOVE this coffee! I ordered it online and it came QUICKLY. I order the Breakfast Blend and one other. This is the first time drinking the Breakfast Blend and it is delicious. The beans are light and smooth and the taste is like silk. I will definitely order this again.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Ben! Glad you’re liking it. Thanks for the support

  13. Arlene Deter (verified owner)

    I’m so delighted with this coffee I’ve given it to my daughter,her boyfriend, my son in law and physical therapist! They’ve given it rave reviews! I feel like a hero.

    • Mick Hill

      Thank you Arlene! Glad you’ve been happy with it

  14. Heather Cowart

    My favorite coffee! Full of flavor with some acidity and tang. The perfect morning cup of coffee.

  15. Brandon Pappas (verified owner)

    Smooth, light and delicious. This is hands down my favorite coffee to drink to get the morning started

  16. David Light (verified owner)

    Another great coffee from Telluride Coffee Roasters! I’ve been trying different varieties from TCR over the past few months. None have disappointed and this is one of my favorites.

  17. Megan Clarke (verified owner)

    This is perfect! It’s light and smooth. It’s ones of those coffees that tastes the way it smells as it’s brewing. I love it!

  18. Susan Heller-Martin (verified owner)

    This coffee ☕️ is absolutely the best. It’s the perfect blend of delicious and happiness. It truly will uplift your spirits.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Susan! Glad you liked it

  19. Peter Koclanes

    Excellent coffee- very impressed with the blend! Super easy and efficient ordering process and delivery time. We would like to feature the Telluride Coffee Roasters in our 3 Ella Bliss Beauty Bar stores in the Denver/Front Range area- as we serve coffee and offer Colorado products to our large customer base.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Peter! Glad you like the coffee…we have many others…Monique Guilbeau will be contacting you to discuss what we can offer. Much appreciated!
      Mick Hill

  20. Louanne Burgess (verified owner)

    We LOVE this coffee! Found it in a grocery store and tried it out! Fantastic! We were unable to get to Telluride to buy up a stash, due to road construction and time constraints, so we’re really happy to get it online! Best after taste of any coffee I have ever had!

  21. Elizabeth Reagan (verified owner)

    Super tasty and your customer service is outstanding! I have found my coffee soulmate.

    • Mick Hill

      Thank you Elizabeth! We’re here for you 🙂

  22. Ollie (verified owner)

    Love this coffee. We found it in Carbondale it became our “go to ” coffee. Love the free shipping on the larger bags makes it affordable to purchase and ship to Key West. Fantastic customer service fast and efficient!

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Ollie! We try our best! Glad you like the coffee 🙂

  23. Kathleen Barfield (verified owner)

    This blend has enticed me to become a coffee drinker again. The Breakfast Brew is smooth, slightly sweet and oh so mellow. Thank you for bringing it to market!

  24. Gayle M Perkins (verified owner)

    This is our favorite coffee, shipping is quick and I like that I can purchase it ground or whole beans. I purchase this for our home and for my office at work. Everyone is happy!

  25. andreas.wion (verified owner)

    Can’t get enough of this stuff. Great balance of fruity, crisp, medium-low acid. I didn’t even used to like fruity coffees. But this is my staple bean these days. Perfection.

  26. Doug bihlmaier (verified owner)

    Discovered telluride in the late 70’s ..
    Had my first real coffee in Steaming Bean coffee shop in early 90’s … Koolist dead end canyon with off the charts best skiing ( don’t tell anyone), would also has the best coffee ..
    I have been drinking the coffee for all these yrs every time I’m in town & have been subscribing 4 bags every 2 weeks 4 yrs now & enjoy several cups a day … breakfast brew is my favorite & I brew it strong .. it’s my wife favorite too & she brews medium
    .. I can’t drink any other coffee without a shot of honey but the Break brew has a natural sweet hint that sometimes I take honey & sometimes I forget .. it’s incredible that I can’t tell if I hit it with honey or not
    I recommend telluride to only people I like ..hoping the secret spot still holds onto the mystic .. feel the same way about this coffee .. the skiing ..the food… the music festivals ..the parades …& u can spot the locals ..
    they all have the same smile.. the same glow ..
    I’m sure it’s in part because theyre in telluride
    … & it’s part they’re morning coffee😎🤙🏻✌🏼

  27. Doug bihlmaier (verified owner)

    I discovered telluride in late 70’s …most beautiful dead end I no.. most epic skiing ( but don’t tell anyone ) ..
    I first walked into Steaming Bean after a perfect Bluegrass nite .. & discovered the perfect coffeee..
    Of course it’s in telluride 🤙🏻
    I love the Breakfast Brew Blend & I brew it strong
    .. I usually love a shot of honey n my flat white but really no need with this blend .. has a natural hint of sweetness that’s perfect.. my wife’s favorite too & she goes medium brew.. I’ve noticed there is the same smile on the faces of the locals … probably cause they live in telluride but think it’s the local coffee too😎👌🏼✌🏼

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