Costa Rica Red Honey

Big body. Raspberry Raisinets!

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Brewing recommendations: Espresso, Pour Over, French Press

Harvest Season:


Elevation: 1700masl

Continent: Central America

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Naranjo

Big body. Rasberry Raisinets!

6 reviews for Costa Rica Red Honey

  1. Wendy Andrews (verified owner)

    In my first order from Telluride Roasters, having found the Hazelnut variety I was specifically looking for, I purchased another three roasts out of excited curiosity.
    I tried the hazelnut immediately and was quite happy (future review coming). Then I tried the Costa Rica Red Honey. Bottom line: If you want to try the Costa Rica Red Honey, I highly recommend purchasing the 6 oz. trial size first.
    Through the transparent window on the 6 oz pouch, I was immediately dubious to see surprisingly light-colored beans that were notably dry. Generally, I choose greasy beans because the flavor of the coffee, any roast really, tends to be pretty reliable. This discriminatory practice is tough when buying online, of course, and I hoped my prejudgement would be proven wrong. But when I opened the bag to brew a morning pour-over, the sour aroma hinted at the disappointing flavor soon to follow.
    I drank a cup black (which is oddly more palatable to me than my favorite creamy version when the coffee is mediocre) and couldn’t finish it. It carried that sadly familiar sourness that’s impossible to ignore if the coffee temp drops below 130 degrees or so. It was reminiscent of so many promising coffee shops that served up extremely dissatisfying $4 cups of craft joe. I don’t expect I can salvage the remainder of the bag; I don’t know who I would give it to either.

    • Mick Hill

      Hi Wendy, I’m sorry you didn’t care for the Costa Rica Red Honey – it’s one of our favorites. It seems you are a dark roast and a flavored drinker so it’s not your profile. We aim for a light roast on our single origins not a dark (greasy) roast as that way you can taste all the flavors of the coffee not just the darkness but I understand it wasn’t for you! I’m happy to replace it with seomthing else if you’d be willing to contribute to the shipping cost. Let me know please. We appreciate the business. Best regards

  2. Christopher Wall (verified owner)

    the coffee itself is fine…just not the flavor profile I can really enjoy..personally…looking forward to tasting other flavors still.

  3. Brian Harding (verified owner)

    It’s 2:30pm and I’m drinking a cup now….perfect afternoon brew, light but extremely flavorful will be ordering again.!

  4. Andreas in Santa Fe (verified owner)

    Big fan of central american coffees lately. This costa rican might be compared to the breakfast blend or the Peru – bright, fruity, with some mellow chocolate on the finish. Excellent coffee, if those flavor profiles are your kind of thing. If you prefer a french roast or something dark, I might pass on this bean.

    10/10 would buy more than 6 oz next time.

  5. Chris Crow (verified owner)

    The Costa Rica Red Honey has a very light flavor that is very enjoyable for some mornings. This coffee does get lost with added flavorings. It was most enjoyable black. For me this is an added favorite next to the Colombian Supremo.

  6. Sue McKenney (verified owner)

    I have an espresso machine so these beans were only used for shots of espresso. This has become my favorite bean. It is rich and smooth. Friends who I make cappuccinos for have raved about it. I started panicking when I couldn’t order my full 5# bag because it was out of stock. I was relieved to find out they just needed to roast some more! Keep it coming!!!!

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