Costa Rica Finca La Planada Yellow Honey [new!]

Sweet, soft, tropical fruit & vanilla



From our friends at Red Fox Coffee Merchants-

“This coffee, processed at the Herbazu mill, comes to us from the Barrantes family in La Planada. Antonio Barrantes is one of the pioneers of the Costa Rican micromill revolution, and his coffees are spectacular.”

This is our first Yellow Honey processed offering at Telluride Coffee Roasters and we are very excited about it!

Recommended brew methods: Pour-over/fiter or French press. Pour-overs will highlight the nuanced flavours and offer a cleaner, more delicate cup while french press will give a bigger body, but may detract from the subtlety.



Costa Rica Finca la Planada

Varietal: Villa Sarchi, Typica, SL 28, San Roque, Ethiopian heirloom

Process: Semi-washed, Yellow Honey

Roast Level: Light

Continent: Central America

Country: Costa Rica

Region: Naranjo

Elevation: 1650 masl

Farm: Finca la Planada

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