Indonesia Flores Tuang

Sweet white grape, rose water, shortbread.

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Unlike any Indonesian coffee you have tried before, this anaerobic processed natural is vibrant and incredibly fruity! We find notes of fresh strawberries and grape when grinding the beans, which translates beautifully to the cup. A very modern flavor profile and a favorite of our roasters!


Flores Island is located 200 miles to the eat of Bali and is 360 miles long. Its terrain is rugged with numerous active and inactive volcanoes. These volcanic ashes have created especially fertile soils, ideal for organic coffee production. Most of the production is under shade trees on hillsides and plateaus and provides a living for many small holder farmers.



Brewing recommendations: French press or pour-over.

Harvest Season: March-May and Oct-Dec


Process: Anaerobic

Elevation: 1400 masl

Continent: Asia

Country: Indonesia

Region: Flores Island

Sweet white grape, rose water, shortbread.


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