Mountain Harvest

Medium Peru, Touch of French

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Organic Honduras or Guatemala woven together with 30% of our French Roast.

  • Nutty, caramel like flavor
  • Full bodied, heady aroma
  • Holds its flavor even when cooling off.

Good driving coffee! Try this coffee in a French Press…you’ll never go back.

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31 reviews for Mountain Harvest

  1. Nancy (verified owner)

    We love this blend and the fact that it is organic is great.

  2. Mariano Jaquez (verified owner)

    I buy coffee from many different roasters and this is my favorite ! Perfect way to start the day!

  3. Kristen Arnett (verified owner)

    We love this blend. It’s smooth and enjoyable.

  4. Barbara Eddy (verified owner)

    We love this blend! It is a great combination of medium and dark beans. This and Black Canyon have become are favorites. The coffees from Steaming Bean are always so smooth

  5. Barbara Eddy (verified owner)

    We love this blend! It is a great combination of medium and dark beans.

  6. Jimmy (verified owner)

    My wife and I have been brewing Mt. Harvest for seven years. Consistent single-cup pour-overs. Our families consider us coffee freaks, and we’re always bummed when we have to settle for other beans.

    Just ordered my 5lb bag to California. Couldn’t live without this stuff.

  7. DJ (verified owner)

    I discovered this coffee 2 years ago on a quick trip to Colorado..I have not allowed myself to run out since! It is my absolute favorite – smooth, delicious, never ever bitter. I gave a bag to my brother and when he finished grinding it he said “when I took the lid off the grinder, that smell was like a great big hug” . I recently gave a bag to my dad – who called me 4 days later and said “Please – can you get me some more?”

  8. Teri Mares (verified owner)

    This one makes a delicious iced coffee. Try it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It’s awesome!

  9. Jessica Schwarzkopf (verified owner)

    I live in Telluride half of the year and drink this blend every morning.. so when I got back to Florida I had 5lbs shipped to me because I can’t go without it! Wonderful, smooth flavor .. reminds me of being back in the mountains on a cool Fall morning ????????.
    And having a huge 5lb bag of delicious, fragrant coffee beans in my freezer make me very happy ????.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Jessica…we’re glad we could make you happy down in Florida! Come see us when you get back

      Cheers for now

  10. Carrie Lamb (verified owner)

    So happy to have this back in my house. My absolute favorite french press! Can’t beat it to start the day!

  11. Denise Wachholz (verified owner)

    Mountain Harvest is the ONLY coffee we drink. A truly delicious blend!!

  12. Leslie Hughes (verified owner)

    This is a great blend, in my opinion, as a dark roast lover, it’s more of a medium body. Has a brightness to it, I discovered Telluride coffee roasters while visiting Telluride, these guys are great, love their shop, and coffee. Will definitely be ordering more, and trying different blends. Also, great price for the freshly roasted coffee.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Leslie! You would probably like the Avalanche Blend too…it’s half Black Magic and half Medium roast Brazil, real soft and full bodied. Apprecaite the kind words – all the best – Mick

  13. Barbara (verified owner)

    This is one of our favorite lends. It is smooth whether you use a drip machine or, our favorite- French Press

  14. Busi (verified owner)

    This was our favorite coffee when we lived in Colorado a few years ago, and going back to visit we always make a point to picked up a bag. Now we are so excited to have a 5lbs bag delivered to our door!!

    The communication with the staff was great, coffee shipped super fast (Thank goodness! We were almost out!) and the handwritten ‘thank you’ note made it even more special.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks so much Elizabeth! Glad you’re enjoyng the coffee

  15. Chris (verified owner)

    We had this coffee while visiting our kids in Denver. It is a perfect blend for us – rich, but not acidic, smooth and full bodied. Living in Oregon, there are a lot of coffee roasters available, but this is our favorite. After this 5 pound bag is gone, we will be ordering another!

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Chris – glad you are enjoying it! We truly appreciate the business
      All the best

  16. Pam Musgrave

    I bought 6 bags of this coffee 4 for me and 2 for our best friends. We sampled Mountain Harvest in Telluride. It is absolutely delicious!!

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Pam…just that hint of French gives it an added dimension without overpowering and making it taste too dark

  17. NBB

    I admit to being a bit sceptical since I am a devoted fan of Avalanche, however it’s delicious !

    • Mick Hill

      Thank you! Glad you like it 🙂
      Thanks for the biz

  18. s.brett21 (verified owner)

    Excellent coffee! Will definitely order again.

    • Mick Hill

      Thank you! Glad you like it

  19. Dan Johnson (verified owner)

    We discovered TCR (Steaming Bean at the time) about 3 years ago on a swing through Telluride on a CO tour. We haven’t bought coffee from anyone else since!!! We love ALL the blends – especially the darker ones! And Mountain Harvest is one of our faves – if not THE favorite. We drink darker coffee and the Mountain Harvest is delicious all on it’s own, or “pepped up” with an added amount of the Cimarron Blend.
    Thanks to Mick and “team” for keeping our household going!!!

  20. Savanna (verified owner)

    Love this blend! I made a cold brew concentrate with it and it was amazing. You could taste all the flavors. May be my new favorite Telluride bean

  21. Alice (verified owner)

    Since our first taste of Telluride coffee while visiting our daughter we have been hooked on them. We initially tried & loved Black Magic as it was dark & smooth & has so much crema from our expresso machine. Now we have tried several others & love Mountain Harvest. It has a slightly lighter more carmel taste . Also liked Black Canyon. Will try Avalanche next. All of them delicious.

  22. Sue Soza (verified owner)

    Great blend…a good to. Can’t go wrong with this coffee!

  23. Allie (verified owner)

    Obsessed with this coffee – recently moved from Colorado to the east coast but have been shipping myself a 5lb bag because nothing else even comes close to how delicious this is.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Allie! That hint of dark in there really gives it an edge. Glad you like it!

  24. Lisa Gandolfo (verified owner)

    Mountain Harvest has been our go-to coffee whenever we come to Telluride. Then I found out they ship! We now get an assortment including Avalanche, Black Magic and most recently Honduras, which is what we are enjoying right now. Very smooth and flavorful. So glad they ship our favorite coffee! Will never go back to buying at the grocery store.

  25. Jennifer W. (verified owner)

    We have loved this blend for years!!! This is by far our favorite one as we have found that Peruvian coffee has a much lower acid content and it is much easier on the stomach (especially in the amounts we drink!) This is my favorite go-to coffee even though I really enjoy each one I have had from you all.

  26. Linda Feldmann (verified owner)

    Yum! Love this coffee! We discovered it on a ski trip to Telluride. Now we’re ordering 5 lb. Bags of it. I won’t go back to what we were drinking before!

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Linda!It’s a popular one – glad you like it

  27. Jody Ross (verified owner)

    We both really enjoy this coffee. We are regular customers that have it shipped to us. It always arrives quickly so that we are never without our Telluride Coffee.

  28. David Stone (verified owner)

    This is my new go-to coffee. The Peruvian/French mix is delightfully full of body with a slightly nutty taste. I was strictly an Indonesian coffee drinker but have completely switched to Mountain Harvest. My next order will be 5lbs. I highly recommend this – especially if you like your coffee bold.

  29. Rhonda (verified owner)

    Very smooth. Great flavor. I buy it by the 5 lb. bag I love it so much!

  30. Nate

    I felt so confident in the glowing reviews on Mountain Harvest that I ordered a 5lb bag. I regret this decision greatly. The coffee is extremely bitter (borderline sour) when consumed black and does not have great taste when combined with milk / flavor. We really enjoyed the Avalanche which is what led us to order additional roasts. Would highly recommend “try before you buy” on this one, at least in the bulk sizes.

    • Mick Hill

      Hi Nate, I just saw this – sorry you didn’t like the Mountain Harvest, it’s one of our best sellers but of course it’s very subjective (one person’s bitter and sour is another person’ bright and fruity) which is why we offer many different blends and origins to try to appeal to the widest range of palates. The Mtn Harvest has 90% medium roast Peru/Guatemala with a hint of French Roast so it’s much more fruity and tangy than the Avalanche which comprises mainly Brazil and Sumatra coffees. If you like that profile I’d try the Sumatra Royal Badger and the Black Magic and stay away from the brighter coffees like the Kenya, Guatemala, Breakfast and Mtn Harvest. I hope this helps and I’d be happy to compensate you with a different coffee if you cover the shipping. Let me know please. Thanks

  31. Don Ross (verified owner)

    We have been customers for a number of years. We love Mountain Harvest – smooth, yet just bold enough to be a great, anytime coffee. We also love their mail order process. They always get it to us within 2 days. We will stick with Telluride and Mountain Harvest.

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