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Nuwa Estate Coffee is a fully washed bourbon, grown at roughly 1450 meters above sea level. The rich soil, bourbon varietal and the laborious but sustainable growing practices have combined to produce an excellent coffee. Full and complex, somewhat aggressive.

Cupping Notes:

  • Unique, spicy, heavy body with a raisin aftertaste and muted citrus notes.
  • This reminds me of a cross between a heavy Sulawesi and an Ethiopian Djimmah – very complex.

Telluride Coffee Roasters Tip: Nepal only produces around 70,000 bags of green coffee each year and we only have about 400lbs of this coffee till the next crop arrives – get it while you can and help us support the efforts of the people of Nuwacot!


Nuwa Estate Coffee has been owned and operated since 2007 by one of the few female entrepreneurs in Nepal, Bandi Nema Sherpa Tenzing – If that name rings familiar it’s because, Yes – she is married to the grandson (Tashi Wangchuk Tenzing) of Sherpa Tenzing Norgaya who accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary on his groundbreaking first ascent of Everest in 1953. Together the husband and wife team run the Nuwa Estate and the Nuwa Green Tara Foundation. For more information please visit

So far they have built six schools in Nuwakot through the non-profit – the Nepal Green Tara Foundation (NGTF) and some proceeds from coffee sales have gone directly to the foundation to help cover the schools’ running expenses. NGTF has defined some of its long term goals as establishing Mobile Health Clinics and generating sponsors for children who have only one or no parents. Along with continually assisting and addressing the most pressing needs of their society. This information was kindly provided to us by Appa Sherpa from Nuwa Estate Coffee.

Our connection came through the exporters, Bhavana Coffee, who introduced us to this unique coffee when Sarah Luber walked in to our roastery a few months ago – we cupped it on the spot with her. Amazing. We really appreciate and value their decision to pay the farms triple the current Fair Trade minimums – hence the relatively high price. It has encouraged female empowerment and entrepreneurship – we’re happy to help them.

We also commit to donating a percentage of proceeds to the Dzi Foundation whose work we’ve become aware of through our long standing connection to MountainFilm in Telluride.


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