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This fine coffee was grown by small co-operative farmers in the weathered volcanic soil in the hills of Western Rwanda. Rainfall is 2000mm per year and provides the clean mountain water used in the fully washed process of these beans.

We prefer a pour-over or French Press preparation for this gem.

  • Fully washed
  • Bourbon varietal – low yield but full, rich flavor
  • Grown between 1500-2000 masl

Cupping Notes: Lingering herbal notes with medium fruitiness.

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2 reviews for Rwanda Nyamasheke

  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    This roast is delicious. perhaps to tasty. I find myself drinking more cups of this than any other offering the fine line offered by Steaming Bean and drinking that many cups
    can’t be good for you. But I am not sure if that is possible.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks for the kind words Thomas and I’m glad you enjoy the Nyamasheke! I don’t think you can “over do” it…it’s a fruit! 🙂

      Best regards

  2. Jean Frankenstein (verified owner)

    Love this coffee. Between this and the Sumatra Royal Badger, I’m not sure which one I prefer. Both are smooth, have wonderful flavor, and are great without any added things like milk and sugar (I prefer black).

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