Yemen Mokha Matari

Rustic, complex, earthy



What a joy! It’s so rare to find this. As you know, Yemen has been embroiled in conflict for some time, so just getting the coffee out is a miracle. We have roasted this coffee at a medium level to maintain a dynamic and unique profile which we find to be full of sweet, rustic flavors of leather, tobacco, figs and semisweet chocolate. Truly a unique coffee and such a pleasurable experience. We think this coffee will appeal to most palates, as it has so much to offer without being one dimensional or skewed to one area of flavors.


Full cupping notes from our friends at Coffee Shrub-

“Matari has a rustic appeal with syrupy sweetness, dried fruits, earth and spice notes, and a whole lot more. The dry fragrance produces smells of rustic molasses and tobacco, with hints of slab apricot, sweet squash, and some candied nuts and grain notes. The wet aroma has a nice balanced cocoa smell beneath this very nice fruit note that I thought smelled like blackberry, a little winey-ferment, but so sweet! Matari shape-shifts across roast levels and as the coffee temperature comes down a bit. While this coffee is rustic for sure, it’s in a much cleaner camp relative to Yemeni coffee. The coffee reveals a delicious fruited side, with glimpses of natural dried apricot, cooked berries, pear butter, and some tart dried goji that adds a mild acidic impression. The chocolate flavors are well defined, offset by molasses and rice syrup-like sweetness, and aromatic hints of chai spice and roasted barley. Coffees need rest after roasting, which allows the coffee time to off-gas. CO2 inhibits extraction, which has an affect on flavor, and we find the depth of flavor really comes out in these Yemeni coffees after a minimum of 72 hours rest.”

Brewing recommendations: Great for all styles, from pour-over to espresso!


Yemen Mokha Matari

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Natural

Roast: Light/Medium

Continent: Asia

Country: Yemen

Region: Bani Matari

Elevation: 1700-2000 masl

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