Cimarron Blend

For the Dark Roast lover!

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Pungent, Strong and Heavy.

A blend of Black Magic and French Roast; the full on French experience – with a softer edge.

Beans from Colombia, Brazil and Sumatra combine for a smoky and full-bodied taste that’s easy on the stomach.

Recommended Brew Method: Drip or French Press

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18 reviews for Cimarron Blend

  1. Aaron Calcote

    Cimarron blend is just as described. Dark, strong and heavy, yet not bitter. It goes perfectly with A Cup of Sun turmeric superfood, and Silk Soy Vanilla creamer, or as it is black. It’s a new found favorite in our home!

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Aaron 1 Glad you like it! Cheers

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    I really like the Cimarron, Its a very versatile blend for drip or extracting a fine espresso.

  3. Maria Morrow (verified owner)

    The Cimarron is full bodied and smooth. Drinking it in the morning is like wrapping yourself in a nice warm blanket! Love it. Thanks Telluride Coffee Roasters!

    • Mick Hill

      Thank you Maria. Really appreciate the kind words…and the business! Cheers

  4. Caleb Martin (verified owner)

    Simply great coffee. I like it better than the French roast and I look forward to opening the Avalanche. I just can’t believe it took me so long to discover Telluride Coffee Roasters! These guys no there beans.

    • Mick Hill

      Cheers Caleb!! 🙂

  5. Max (verified owner)

    Nice dark blend. Pretty fresh when it arrived. I’d agree with the French press recommendation. Though you still get nice body with a bee house and the right aeropress recipe. I use thicker filters and an inverted technique on the aero press, which brings out a bit more of a creamy body. The beans brew very fast in a bee house or V60, so a slightly finer grind than normal is nessasary at altitude.

    Biggest complaint has to be the ungodly slow website!

    • Mick Hill

      Glad you like the coffee Max. We’re switching hosting companies for the site – I agree it’s painfully slow!!

  6. rmwsanford (verified owner)

    The best coffee I’ve ever had. Where else can you get coffee roasted the day before it gets to you? And thank you so much for the pen- it’s a favorite! You guys rock!
    Robin Sanford

  7. Sue Soza (verified owner)

    Dark smooth never bitter. Love this coffee.

  8. Kristie Hendricks (verified owner)

    I am normally strictly a TCR French Roast drinker. I decided to try the dark roast gift box for my March order. I really enjoyed the lower acidity and flavor of the Cimarron Roast. My monthly order is now half Cimarron and half French Roast. It is a must try!

  9. Ted Schleicher (verified owner)

    Latest and greates of my long, darkly roasted career. Love the Cimarron. I had it somewhere before but it was called “Hiller’s Blend” or somethinglike that. Anyway, keep up the good work. You will be hearing from us regularly. Ted

  10. Chuck Tindol (verified owner)

    I’ve tried most of TCR’s coffees. Cimarron is the blend my wife and both enjoy. We were on an extended trip to stay with our new grandson and ran out. So we ordered more sent here to St Simons Island GA.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Chuck! Glad you are enjoying it.

  11. Alicia A. (verified owner)

    I’ve heard many great things about your coffee over the years but never had a chance to try a cup myself. This finally led to me blindly ordering just so I could try it for the first time. The Cimarron blend is what I opened first and so far it is already a favorite! Absolutely delicious! Thank you Telluride Coffee Roasters!!!

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Alicia! Appreciate the support!
      All the best

  12. Barbara (verified owner)

    I love this dark blend! It is so Telluride Roaters smooth and never bitter. It is also slightly smoky, which I love. It will definitely be in my rota of Telluride blends.

  13. Diane (verified owner)

    This is still hands down my favorite. Dark Robust, but not heavy. It is so good, I am sending a bag to my daughter who is living in China now. It will give her a taste of Telluride and home.

  14. Andrew (verified owner)

    This is everything a dark roast should be — smooth as silk with just enough smokiness on the edges. Really great cup of coffee! The only thing better would be enjoying it in the beautiful town of Telluride!

  15. Hester Glynn (verified owner)

    This blend is amazing! It’s a full bodied dark roast that is smooth and flavorful without being bitter. The best dark roast I’ve ever had.

  16. Brian Harding (verified owner)

    My go-to roast, full bodied, extremely smooth and tasty. Every morning I sigh with satisfaction from the aroma whole brewing and drinking. Well done Mick!

    • Mick Hill

      Cheers Kuby! All the best mate

  17. Natanya King (verified owner)

    My husband received this coffee as a gift, and he loved it so much that I decided to buy him several packages for Christmas. He still loves the coffee, and I was very impressed with the shipping because they were very careful to mark my shipping instructions on the box to ensure a safe delivery.

    • Mick Hill

      Thanks Natanya! We appreciate this..means a lot to us. Many thanks – Mick

  18. Mel (verified owner)

    My brother-in-law recommended this blend and let us try it. We loved it and ordered some, will likely order more. We are dark roast fans, this blend is smooth and balanced.

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